Our Love Ceremony Day

Meninggalkan BLOG ni bersawang dgn Status SINGLE dan Kembali Vacuum dgn Status MARRIED.

Alhamdulillah. Segalanya dipermudahkan pada Saat, Tarikh dan Masa yg KAMI tunggu. 

28 November 2015. 

Bergelarlah diriku Isteri kepada Dirinya.
Bermulalah PENGEMBARAAN Kami sebagai Husband & Wife.

Let me story THE Progression 

Wedding Card 
1st thing I did before begin the other step.
Why I choose that I color. Because I love that Color. Haha

Other things is..

1. Making checlist for the wedding day. Its a very long CHECKLIST Okey!!

2.Make sure you already had the Theme Color. If not you gonna Pening and DIE!

3.Plan your guest invitation!!! Berapa ramai GUEST nak INVITE. Its IMPORTANT Okey.

4. Documentation make sure WELL PREPARED. Mcm Asha everything is going SMOOTHLY and EASILY. Harituh hantar, harituh dapat balik.

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Its a very simple wedding As I WISH!!

This is apart of the HANTARAN. (7-11)
Thanks Mom for this SUPERB Decoration. I love it! Yes Really Love it.

During the NIKAH

Alhamdulillah. Dgn sekali LAFAZ.

Jangan tny knapa ramai LELAKI! 
I mmg banyak bekawan dgn LELAKI!

BERARAK time!!

Alhamdulillah SELESAI la sudah HARI MENGANGKAT DARJAT Kami!

We are on the SHIP now!!
To FACE all the journey to have a pit stop in the middle and CONTINUE back to our DESTINATION.

Azwan Adha Fuad I LOVE You for NO REASON. 
This is what I have told you since the day I Accept you!!
Pls take care of our MARRIAGE, Be a Loyal Husband, Responsible and Protective..
Insyallah Same Goes to me.

I Love You!!